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What if I don't have insurance?
We offer various packages for patients who do not have medical insurance to make service available to everyone.  These plans range from routine check-ups to more comprehensive medical exams that include blood tests, radiology screens, endoscope examinations, and many other services.  Please contact our billing department if you have any specific concerns and we will gladly try to accommodate you.

When will my test results be available?
We have our own in house laboratory and many of our blood and urine test results are available the same day, usually before your appointment is over.  For certain tests where send-out laboratory service is required, the results can usually be obtained within a week.

Why do I need a physical exam?
Although you may feel fine, it is still important to see your health care provider regularly to check for potential problems. Most people who have high blood pressure don't even know it. The only way to find out if you have hypertension is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Likewise, high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels often do not produce any symptoms until advanced disease has occurred.  Routine physicals are necessary to screen for diseases, assess risk of future medical problems, encourage healthy lifestyles, update vaccinations, and maintain a relationship with a doctor in the event of an illness

What is BOTOX®?
BOTOX® is a trade name for Botulinum Toxin A, which has been used in a variety of ways by the medical establishment for the last thirty years. Now of course, it is most commonly used as an ‘anti-aging’ solution. It is injected into the face using a tiny micro needle to limit the activity of certain wrinkle-causing facial muscles. The effects last for about three months.

Is treatment painful?
Discomfort is usually minimal and brief. Prior to injecting, Dr. Shin may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream. The entire procedure can take as little as ten minutes. Many people return to work or normal activity immediately after treatment.

Will my facial expressions continue to look natural?
BOTOX® has got a ‘bad name’ because it is sometimes used to excess. Like any good thing, the trick is to do it in moderation! Treatment shouldn’t radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you’ve ‘had work done’. The muscle activity that causes frown lines between the brows is simply reduced, not removed completely, so you can still frown or look surprised, just without the permanent wrinkles and creases you had before.

RESTYLANE is a dermal filler, used for smoothing out folds and wrinkles, for lip enhancements and shaping facial contours. The most common areas for treatment are the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), the nasal labial folds (from the root of the nose to the corners of the mouth). A sterile, gel-like substance made from naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and physiologic sodium chloride solution, it is injected into the skin in tiny amounts using a very thin needle.

Does it hurt?
Most people find the injections relatively painless, but it may prick a little. If you like, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area being treated prior to your procedure. When enhancing the lips a local anaesthetic is often given. This is similar to an injection you would get at the dentist.

What is Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion or crystal peeling is a resurfacing treatment working on the top layer of the skin, which involves passing microscopic crystals across the skin, using a specially designed hand-piece with a slight vacuum, to remove dead skin cells and stimulate production of healthy new cells in the skin. As we get older, dead skin cells tend to remain on the surface for longer, contributing to a dull, grey complexion. Microdermabrasion removes these dead cells, leaving the skin looking younger and refreshed.  Treatment is completely safe, quick and painless, with little or no recovery time required.

Is Microdermabrasian helpful for acne sufferers?
We routinely perform Microdermabrasion before laser treatment for acne, acne scarring and wrinkles to enhance results, although Microdermabrasion is also an effective treatment on its own.

What is ArteFill?
ArteFill is the first and only FDA-approved non-resorbable injectable filler for the correction of wrinkles known as smile lines. It contains 20% tiny round and smooth particles (PMMA microspheres) and 80% purified bovine collagen gel with 0.3% lidocaine, an anesthetic.

How does ArteFill work?
ArteFill is a dual-acting injectable wrinkle filler. First, ArteFill visibly corrects the wrinkle. Then the microspheres provide the permanent support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction.

How is ArteFill injected?
ArteFill is injected underneath the wrinkle, just above the skin’s fat layer. ArteFill provides the soft, supportive foundation that your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction.

How is ArteFill different from temporary dermal fillers?
All temporary fillers are eventually absorbed by the body. That’s why they require frequent repeat injections. ArteFill is different. The unique microspheres in ArteFill are not absorbed by the body. These microspheres provide the permanent support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction. Now, with ArteFill, you can get the lasting wrinkle correction you want in just one or two treatments. Where the results of temporary fillers end, the long-lasting benefits of ArteFill continue.

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